In June we celebrate National Homeownership Month. Why is homeownership important? Homeownership continues to be a way in which families can build wealth, create a stable environment, enjoy community, and empower themselves. Homeownership is still the American Dream.

This month we celebrate those working towards this goal, this dream of theirs’s to achieve their highest goals, to be independent, to achieve their own version of success starting with homeownership. Their dream is our mission.

MHDC has celebrated the creation of over 300 affordable housing opportunities, over 200 of them in our Mutual Self-Help Housing Program where families work together in groups building each other’s homes. It’s a great way to achieve homeownership at a lower price point because the families put in so much sweat equity into their homes. The work they put into their homes translates to real home equity that belongs to our families for unlike other affordable housing programs, we do not put a lien on the equity they create. Our families average about $32,000 in equity, the day they move in. There is a lot of trust between Self-Help participant and MHDC. We partner with our families every step of the way until they achieve their goal. After all, that is our mission. We achieve our goals, when they achieve theirs.

To find out more about our Mutual Self-Help Program, or other homeownership opportunities through MHDC, please contact us at 302-422-8255 and take the first steps with us. You can register to attend a free, no obligation Homeownership Orientation and see if working with us is right for you. It’s a patient process, one that we’ve helped families in Delaware to navigate over 300 times. If you know someone who would like to learn more, please pass it along. Our Homeownership Specialists are waiting to hear from you. We can do this together.