It’s time to consider taking the plunge Call our offices to take the first steps We’ll review your credit to see what we can expunge The process goes slowly, we’ll avoid the missteps

You’ll never have to walk the process alone Our staff is rooting for your success Quitting on yourself is something we just won’t condone The picture of you in your home will soon coalesce

Hang in there and exercise some patience There are many folks who want to help Each person will be a presence Helping you through the process of self-help

So, you decided to build your own home Building wealth and equity You work hard every day so you no longer need to roam Your dream of homeownership is a vision of clarity

Congratulation on your dream Hanging in there to accomplish so much We were happy to be part of your team You had it in you the entire time, you just needed a bit of a nudge

Now take the time to relax You’ve accomplished your dreams of homeownership But don’t rest on your laurels because paying a mortgage takes an act Relish your night’s sleep in an excellent display of craftsmanship