Home Repair Project

The Home Repair Project (HRP) provides health and safety home repairs to qualifiedP6270005 Delaware homeowners in Kent and Sussex County.  If you need a repair done to your home, but cannot afford it on your own – you may be eligible.  With the help of volunteers and local partners repairs are provided at no cost to the homeowner.  Since 1991, the Home Repair Project has helped thousands of families make their homes safer.

How Do I Qualify?

  • Have valid proof you own your home
  • Currently reside in home for at least 1 year
  • Meet income guidelines
  • Housing conditions must be an immediate health or safety threat
  • Housing conditions may not be pre-existingFirst Baptist Church
  • Other restrictions may apply

Give us a call at (302) 422-8255 and if you do not qualify for the Home Repair Project, do not worry – we may still be able to help.  Our staff will carefully work with you to find the best housing solution for your needs.