Did you know that MHDC has built and developed over 300 affordable homes in the communities we serve? It’s quite an accomplishment. Did you also know that we have over 200 homes in our current pipeline? So in just a few short years MHDC will have created 500 homes for Delaware.

What’s better than measuring 500 homes. It will be having helped 500 families accomplish their goals and their vision for themselves. The 300 families we have currently served have sought out an affordable housing option for themselves and their families. Many of these families were not being served by the market. MHDC has created several pathways for successful homeownership.

Our greatest program that has had the most impact is the Self-Help Housing Program. Families building together to build their own home and accomplish their dream of homeownership. Not only do they build their own home but they build community. They build wealth. The equity created in Self-Help (difference between the appraisal and the loan) averages nearly $25-$30,000. That equity belongs to the families who participate in our program. They earned it by building their homes and those of their neighbors.

In June as we celebrate National Homeownership Month, we should celebrate them. Those Self-Help families that gave up nights and weekends to build their dream. We are so proud of each one of you. Congratulations! You did it!

Learn more about this valuable program by contacting MHDC. Think you can’t do it? We have 200 local examples and over 50,000 across the country that say otherwise. No skills, no problem.