Just a little over 20 years ago MHDC embarked on offering folks from Kent and Sussex County the opportunity to fulfill their American Dream of homeownership, by offering and operating a USDA Mutual Self-Help Housing Program. Our first grant was for 8 homes. It took us 2 years. Our current grants are for 24 units. Most often they take 2 years, sometimes they are completed a little sooner, sometimes it takes a little bit longer. 2018 is historic for MHDC as we are now celebrating 200 families achieving homeownership through the Self-Help Housing Program.

It’s incredible to realize that 200 families in Delaware (and Maryland) have taken advantage of this program we offer. Self-Help has served over 50,000 families nationwide. It works because the program offers a hand up, not a hand out.

Here are some amazing stats on MHDC’s Self-Help Program:

  • Over $28 million dollars have been loaned to our families.
  • This created housing values of over $34 million dollars.
  • Our families have saved/earned about $6 million in equity. (That’s an average of over $30,000 per participant!)
  • Almost 70% of our clients are single female headed households. (Women build with us all the time!)
  • The average median income of our clients is 50% of Area Median Income.

At MHDC, we’re incredibly proud of all those that have participated in Self-Help. It’s a special program in our hearts. The fact that over 200 households have now dedicated the time to cleaning up their credit, reducing debt to income ratios, obtaining a mortgage, and building their own brand-new Energy Star home is quite remarkable. They are everyday folks. They work in offices, as medical assistants, nursing assistants, or as truck drivers, poultry workers, bus drivers, and more. They are the people who make up our dynamic neighborhoods and make us stronger as a community.

Congratulations to the 200. Contact us today to see how you can also be a part of the next 100! Contact Darla at 302.422.8255 EXT 117 with questions or to sign up for our next Self-Help Orientation and see if this program is right for you and your family. #MilfordStrong #HealthyNeighborhoods #Self-Help #200Strong